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New Orleans Saints vs. Dallas Cowboys

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Caesars Superdome - New Orleans, LA
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R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl

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Caesars Superdome - New Orleans, LA
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New Orleans Saints vs. Miami Dolphins

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Caesars Superdome - New Orleans, LA
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Sugar Bowl

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Caesars Superdome - New Orleans, LA
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New Orleans Saints vs. Carolina Panthers

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Caesars Superdome - New Orleans, LA
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New Orleans Saints Seating Chart & Seat Views

Welcome to TickPick’s New Orleans Saints seating chart. Here we will cover everything you need to know before purchasing tickets, including Caesars Superdome row and seat numbers, Saints seat views, best seats, and where you can find the same New Orleans Saints seats at prices 10% cheaper than our leading competitor. New Orleans Saints Virtual ...

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Seat Numbers at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome

The Superdome seating configuration follows a simple pattern when it comes to seat numbers. The lower seat numbers are always closer to the section next to it with a lower section number, and vice versa. For example, seat 1 in section 142 is on the aisle next to section 141, and seat number 22 in section 142 is on the aisle next to section 143. Note other sections in the 100s such as 144, 145, 111, 112, 116, 117, 139 and 140 have 24 seats per a row.

Where is the New Orleans Saints Bench?

The New Orleans Saints bench is located in front of sections 141-143, while the visitor's bench is stationed in front of sections 113-115.

Parking at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome

There are plenty of parking options around the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Aside from the Superdome-owned lots, there are over 20 open-surface lots and/or garages that are within a mere few blocks from the stadium. There are multiple options that are within a five minute walk on S Rampart St. as well as countless others that provide cheaper parking and a walk of no more than 10 minutes.

Where NOT to Sit at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome

If you are a frequent attendee for New Orleans Saints games, then you would know that sitting within the first couple of rows at the new Superdome would be one of the worst choices you can make. Although the first couple rows are typically considered the best seats, these seats will leave your wallet feeling empty and your eyes craving an unobstructed view. The face value of every row in the Plaza Club Sideline seats is the same, doesn't that sound weird? Row 1 or row 36 on the 50 yard line is the same price. That's because the higher up you are (in the 100s sideline seats) the better overall seat view you are going to have to watch the Saints play.

Mercedes-Benz Superdome History and Overview

The Mercedes-Benz Superdome is a multipurpose domed stadium that opened back in 1975 and serves as the home of the NFL's New Orleans Saints. It also routinely hosts other major events such as college football's Sugar Bowl every year and NCAA's Final Four and the Super Bowl on as regular a basis as any other major stadium in the country. It has a listed football seating capacity of well over 76,000 that allow fans from all over to secure tickets to catch events here in person and is a fantastic place to catch a game in person while in NOLA.

Fan Review of Mercedes-Benz Superdome

"1) It's HUUUUUUUGE!!! I've been to a decent number of arenas in my day and I dare say that the Superdome is the largest one that I've ever been to. It's massive and can hold a ton of people! 2. There's seriously NO OBSTRUCTIONS here! I could hardly believe it. Very well done. 3. Sound Quality is good. I was here for the Essence Festival and even though I was up almost in the rafters (the 640s), the sound quality was great over all. 4. Comfortable seats. I was pretty pleased with the amount of leg room and seat cushions there. The leg room could have been a bit better, but I have long legs so I'm used to a bit of discomfort at arenas. le sigh. 5. There are lots of screens around the arena to help people in the nosebleeds see the action happening on stage."

Best Seats for the New Orleans Saints at Mercedes-Benz Superdome

The best seats at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome are located in the lower level sections closest to midfield like 113-115 and 141-143 above row 10. Sitting above row 10 will give you the necessary height to view the action from all corners of the field. You should also use TickPick's Score Report to ensure you are getting the best deal!

Caesars Superdome Ticket Policy

Sellers must disclose all information that is listed on their tickets. For example, obstructed view seats at Caesars Superdome would be listed for the buyer to consider (or review) prior to purchase. These notes include information regarding if the Caesars Superdome seat view is a limited view, side view, obstructed view or anything else pertinent.

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