The 5 Most Passionate Fan Bases in the NHL

NHL fans are more eccentric than any other fans. They take pride in the toughness that is displayed on the ice. The NHL players are tougher, play injured more often, and make less money than players in all of the other major sports organizations. Passion is the driving force of the NHL and their fans carry the same passion.

5.) The Chicago Blackhawks

The Chicago Blackhawks have a feisty following and they fiercely back their team. They are not afraid to let other fans know that the Hawks are superior on the ice. If any fan base is as ruthless as the Chicago’s, then I’d sure like to see them. The sports scene in Chicago is healthier than ever, and it is partly because of the Blackhawks’ recent success and fan base. Blackhawks fans are so rowdy that they will even steal the opposition’s equipment. No, really.

4.) The Edmonton Oilers

The Edmonton Oilers have the most boisterous fans in the NHL. The Oilers’ fan base is ruthless to the opposition, and sometimes they can be ruthless to their own team. If they do not perform well at home, the fans will let them know it. Oilers fans have been known to throw their jerseys on the ice in contempt for the team’s poor play. But they admire their fans passion, and vice versa. Canada has a rich history of hockey and it continues on with Edmonton’s fans.

3.) The Toronto Maple Leafs

The Toronto Maple Leafs fan base has a special claim to fame; they spend more money than any other NHL team’s fans. The seats are always filled in Toronto when the Leafs are in town, and they know how to have a good time. The Maple Leafs, and their fans, take immense pride in the fact that they are an “Original 6” hockey team. The tradition of hockey in Toronto is undying. If you are looking for an electric atmosphere to catch a hockey game, then look no further than Toronto.

2.) The Montreal Canadiens

The Montreal Canadiens have a legitimate shot at being the best fan base in the NHL. After all, they are the Canadiens. They represent their country with intensity and pride, and so do their fans. The Canadiens are often referred to as the Habs, which is actually short for the French term les habitants. Habs fans celebrate hockey as their national sport and a sport that lets them remember their heritage. Canadiens fans need hockey in their lives, literally.

1.) The Detroit Red Wings

Detroit, Michigan, is better known as Hockeytown to Red Wings fans. They take the title very seriously, too. The Detroit Red Wings are a contender for the Stanley Cup every single year, and because of that you can find their fans in every arena they play in. No visiting team in the NHL gets love like the Red Wings do, and they have earned the best fan base in the NHL. Just check out their “Octopi Hockeytown” celebrations and you can see that the Red Wings fan base is something special.

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