Will Eminem Release a New Album in 2017?

Last week, Eminem dropped his first new solo track in three years, a politically charged track which throws shade in several different directions. The nearly 8-minute long song, titled “Campaign Speech“, staggers on without a beat, while Eminem spits fire over a barely there backing buzz. His words, often venomous, are nonetheless fueled with his expert, rapid fire rap style. It seems that even though Eminem hasn’t released any solo material in the past three years, he’s certainly been cooking something up. And now, millions of fans will no longer have to suffer the wait. Check out “Campaign Speech” below:

From the pure weight of “Campaign Speech”, it seems that Eminem’s arsenal of freestyle continues to be smart, biting, and in abundance. With the release of “Campaign Speech”, Eminem took to Twitter to promote his latest single, in addition to a wonderful promise: “Don’t worry, I’m working on an album!” So there you have it. After several false claims of Eminem collaborations, tours, and more, he’s finally come out of the shadows and will be releasing an album in 2017.

EminemThough we don’t know when the new album will drop or what it will be called, we don’t think Eminem would start advertising its existence if it wasn’t going to drop relatively soon. In terms of possible collaborations, Eminem definitely has his pick, as several artists have all but offered up their services to him during interviews. Since the release of Eminem’s last solo album, we’ve head shout-outs from Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, Juicy J, 50 Cent, and Drake. After rumors spread that Eminem was about to drop a diss track about Drake, the two aptly linked up at one of his tour stops, assuring fans there is nothing but love and respect between them. Could there be a few songs between them, as well? We think it’s likely.

We’re excited for what Eminem pulls from his arsenal of rhymes, and for the Detroit rapper to continue his iconic career. Check back for more updates regarding Eminem’s upcoming album, tour, and more. Until then, enjoy the trippy, explosive, Donald Trump-bashing track which has startled the internet and reminded us all that Eminem is a force to be reckoned with.

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