Will J-Hope Solo Tour ‘Jack In The Box’ in 2022?

It’s already been an unforgettable year for BTS member J-Hope, and it looks like he’s only getting started. This month (July 15th) J-Hope released his debut studio album Jack In The Box. The LP, a solo work that follows his 2018 mixtape Hope World, is a 10-track banger that was led by the single “More” and the follow-up single “Arson.” Jack In The Box, by all accounts, does not disappoint in showing fans everything we knew to be true of J-Hope as a solo artist.

He’s the real thing.

Back in 2019, J-Hope and Becky G teamed up for the revamped throwback “Chicken Noodle Soup.” The track’s success made J-Hope the first BTS member to enter the Billboard Hot 100 as a soloist. And this is after his mixtape Hope World propelled him into being the highest-charting solo Korean artist at the time.

Which is all to say: J-Hope has been brewing talent, specifically solo talent, for several years now. Finally, with his debut album Jack In The Box, we think J-Hope has all the steam he needs to embark on a solo tour.

Possibly, as soon as before the end of this year.

On July 20th, Chicago’s premier music festival Lollapalooza announced J-Hope as its final performer for the weekend alongside TOMORROW X TOGETHER. This makes J-Hope the first South Korean artist to headline a major U.S musical festival. But not only is J-Hope headlining—he’s closing out the whole 4-day music festival. The honor is a huge one. We doubt there will be a concert bigger than J-Hope’s set on July 31st, one that is already making history.

Will J-Hope Solo Tour in 2022?

J-Hope fans, we think it’s time to start getting excited to see one of your favorite BTS members live in concert. Here is why we think J-Hope is planning to tour in 2022.

The Lollapalooza booking. Often, after performances of this enormity, artists use the momentum of the show to announce full-scale tours. We think the fact of J-Hope closing out Lollapalooza 2022, his set being at the very end of the 4-day weekend, signals to something bigger on the horizon. We wouldn’t be surprised if he uses the Lollapalooza stage to announce his 2022 tour. Stay tuned for everything that goes down that weekend—often a big one for music news.

BTS, currently, has no plans to tour in 2022 or 2023. When will there be a clearer path for J-Hope to embark on a solo tour? When will he find the time outside his BTS duties? Between his Lollapalooza set and when BTS would hypothetically hit the road again, there is plenty of time for J-Hope to tour his new album Jack In The Box.

Fans are eager to hear J-Hope’s latest in a live concert setting. Stay tuned for more updates as to when J-Hope will go on tour—hopefully, sometime soon.

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