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Keybank Center Seating Chart

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TickPick has the most detailed KeyBank Center seating chart page available. Whether you are looking for the best seats for a Sabres game or a concert, we have all the interactive seating maps covered. Details include live seat views, row numbers, seat numbers, obstructed views, club seating information, parking information, and much more!

Keybank Center
ParkingPaid parking is available on Perry, Washington, and Swan Streets and additional parking is also available on Baltimore, Mississippi, and Columbia Streets. Best SeatsFor Sabres games the best seats can be found in the 100 level, center ice in sections 104-106 and 116-118. You want to be a few rows up from the ice however, in order to give yourself a view of the entire rink. Seats directly behind the net in sections 111 and 123 are great if you like to see the action coming from a different point of view. When it comes to a concert, its more of a personal preference, as some like to be as close to the stage as possible but means being off to the side of the stage at times. Others would rather be more centered to the stage but means you would be further away from the stage. Depending on the artist, floor seating may be available as well, and often gives you the best chance of getting as close to the stage.OverviewFormerly First Niagara Center, KeyBank Center is located on the banks of the Buffalo River in Buffalo, New York. Opening in 1996, KeyBank Center has seen seven renovations over the years and today has a capacity of just over 19,000 people, the largest regular concert venue in the Buffalo area. As well as hosting numerous concerts and sporting events, KeyBank Arena is the home to the Buffalo Sabres of the National Hockey League.Best Concert User ReviewWe saw "The Wall" production (Roger Waters) last night at HSBC Arena, now called the First Niagara Center. The show was great, and I would have given that a rating of '5' had I been rating only the concert. However, since I'm rating the arena itself that will be a bit lower, as there are significant problems with this place as a major concert venue. These problems were all logistical though, and the quality of the inside arena and the sound of the concert were very good. We arrived 30 minutes before curtain time that by the time we got in and used the bathroom the show had already started. Next time I would allow 45 minutes. As far as the bathroom situation in this arena, if you need to visit the men's room, good luck. Besides these two issues, the arena itself wasn't bad, and offered an intimate atmosphere for the show. Sabres Fan User ReviewI have been to countless events and games at the First Niagra arena. Any seat in the house is good but we prefer 100 or 200 level center ice seats for sabres and bandits games.
Keybank Center Ticket Policy Sellers must disclose all information that is listed on their tickets. For example, obstructed view seats at Keybank Center would be listed for the buyer to consider (or review) prior to purchase. These notes include information regarding if the Keybank Center seat view is a limited view, side view, obstructed view or anything else pertinent Questions about Keybank Center seating? Ask away!

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WedSep 278:00 PMKeyBank Center - Buffalo, NYFrom $166TRUE
FriSep 297:00 PMKeyBank Center - Buffalo, NYFrom $5FALSE
ThuOct 57:00 PMKeyBank Center - Buffalo, NYFrom $45FALSE
MonOct 93:00 PMKeyBank Center - Buffalo, NYFrom $13FALSE
FriOct 207:00 PMKeyBank Center - Buffalo, NYFrom $25FALSE
TuesOct 247:00 PMKeyBank Center - Buffalo, NYFrom $17FALSE
ThuOct 267:00 PMKeyBank Center - Buffalo, NYFrom $102FALSE
SatOct 281:00 PMKeyBank Center - Buffalo, NYFrom $33FALSE
WedNov 17:30 PMKeyBank Center - Buffalo, NYFrom $60FALSE
SatNov 48:00 PMKeyBank Center - Buffalo, NYFrom $45FALSE
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