Fedexfield Seating Chart
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Fedexfield Seating Chart

Fedexfield Seating Chart & Ticket Info

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Welcome to TickPick's detailed Fedexfield seating chart page. We have everything you need to know about Fedexfield from detailed row and seat numbers, to where the best seats are. Have a question about seat obstructions, concert configurations, venue parking or anything else relating to Fedexfield? Ask below in the comments!

Best Seats For RedskinsThe best seats for a Washington Redskins game are located at midfield in the 100 and 200 (club) levels. When purchasing tickets along the sideline in the 100 level, it is important to note that the first 6-8 rows will not give you enough height to see the plays develop. We would advise purchasing tickets above row 10 to ensure great sight lines to the action from all corners of the field. Fedex Field Obstructed View SeatsSeats in sections 213 to 230, Rows 14 to 23 may included a limited or obstructed view of the scoreboard and playing field. Note the higher the row, the worse the obstruction will be.Washington Redskins Dream Seats The Dream Seats at Fedex Field are the first three rows of the field level seats. They include food and non alcoholic drinks which get delivered right to your seats.Fedex Field Seat Chart with Seat NumbersThe detailed Fedex Field seating chart above shows you the exact row numbers and seat numbers for sections 142, 101, 102 and 103. Seat number one in every section of Fedex Field will be on the aisle next to the lower section that is adjacent to it. The higher the seat number the closer it will be to the section next to it with a higher section number. For example seat 1 in section 102 is next to section 101, while seat 22 in section 102 is next to section 103. Washington Redskins Club SeatsThe Club Seats at Fedex Field are in the 300s sections. The 300s section provides the ideal viewing angle (altough many still prefer the lower level field seats). However, club seats include extra wide and more comfortable seating with in-seat waiter service and access to Club Level restaurants, bars, lounges, and HDTVs. Note there's no difference from Zone A, B or C within the club seats except for the section location.Standing Room Tickets at Fedex Field (SRO)SRO means Standing Room Only, these tickets are actually assigned standing spaces. In the 300s the SRO tickets are behind section 308 to 314 and 329 to 335. There are also SRO tickets in the 400 sections at Fedex Field, they are behind sections 410 to 418 and 437 to 445.
Fedexfield Ticket Policy Sellers must disclose all information that is listed on their tickets. For example, obstructed view seats at Fedexfield would be listed for the buyer to consider (or review) prior to purchase. These notes include information regarding if the Fedexfield seat view is a limited view, side view, obstructed view or anything else pertinent Questions about Fedexfield seating? Ask away!

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FriAug 197:30 PMFedExField - Landover, MDFrom $13FALSE
FriAug 267:30 PMFedExField - Landover, MDFrom $13FALSE
SunSep 11 TBDFedExField - Landover, MDFrom $1030FALSE
MonSep 127:10 PMFedExField - Landover, MDFrom $104FALSE
SunSep 181:00 PMFedExField - Landover, MDFrom $117FALSE
SatSep 24 TBDFedExField - Landover, MDFrom $103FALSE
SunOct 21:00 PMFedExField - Landover, MDFrom $40FALSE
SunOct 161:00 PMFedExField - Landover, MDFrom $77FALSE
SunNov 131:00 PMFedExField - Landover, MDFrom $45FALSE
SunNov 208:30 PMFedExField - Landover, MDFrom $115FALSE
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