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Muse, since 1997, has been a major player in the progressive-rock and electronica music scene. British band members Matthew Belamy, Chris Wolstenholme, and Dominic Howard have been playing together in their hometown since age 13. Since then, Muse has released six studio albums, one which won Best Rock Album in 2009. Muse has achieved platinum and gold status in both the UK and North America.

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All Muse events
Dec 11Mon 8:00 PM
Dec 18Mon 8:00 PM
Dec 19Tue 7:30 PM
Dec 20Wed 10:30 PM
Dec 21Thu 7:30 PM
Dec 22Fri 7:30 PM
Dec 23Sat 7:30 PM
Dec 27Wed 7:30 PM
Dec 28Thu 7:30 PM
Dec 29Fri 10:30 PM
Dec 30Sat 7:30 PM
Jan 03Wed 7:30 PM
Jan 05Fri 10:30 PM
Jan 06Sat 7:30 PM
Jan 08Mon 7:30 PM
Jan 12Fri 7:30 PM
Jan 12Fri 9:00 PM
Jan 13Sat 7:30 PM
Jan 13Sat 9:00 PM
Jan 14Sun 7:30 PM
Jan 15Mon 7:30 PM
Jan 18Thu 7:30 PM
Jan 19Fri 7:30 PM
Jan 19Fri 8:15 PM
Jan 20Sat 7:30 PM
Jan 20Sat 8:15 PM
Jan 21Sun 5:00 PM
Jan 22Mon 7:30 PM
Jan 24Wed 7:30 PM
Jan 26Fri 9:00 PM
Jan 27Sat 9:00 PM
Jan 31Wed 7:30 PM
Feb 02Fri 7:30 PM
Feb 02Fri 10:30 PM
Feb 03Sat 7:30 PM
Feb 08Thu 7:30 PM
Feb 16Fri 9:00 PM
Feb 17Sat 9:00 PM
Feb 18Sun 5:00 PM
Feb 23Fri 9:00 PM
Feb 24Sat 7:30 PM
Feb 24Sat 9:00 PM
Mar 01Thu 7:30 PM
Mar 02Fri 7:30 PM
Mar 02Fri 8:15 PM
Mar 03Sat 3:00 PM
Mar 03Sat 8:15 PM
Mar 08Thu 7:30 PM
Mar 08Thu 10:30 PM
Mar 16Fri 9:00 PM
Mar 17Sat 12:00 PM
Mar 17Sat 9:00 PM
Mar 23Fri 9:00 PM
Mar 24Sat 9:00 PM
Mar 25Sun 5:00 PM
Apr 10Tue 7:30 PM
Apr 12Thu 7:30 PM
Apr 13Fri 9:00 PM
Apr 14Sat 9:00 PM
Apr 20Fri 7:30 PM
Apr 22Sun 5:00 PM
Apr 22Sun 7:30 PM
May 04Fri 9:00 PM
May 05Sat 9:00 PM
May 10Thu 7:30 PM
May 11Fri 8:00 PM
May 12Sat 8:00 PM
May 18Fri 9:00 PM
May 19Sat 9:00 PM
Jun 01Fri 9:00 PM
Jun 02Sat 9:00 PM
Jun 08Fri 9:00 PM
Jun 09Sat 9:00 PM
Jun 15Fri 9:00 PM
Jun 16Sat 9:00 PM
Jun 22Fri 8:00 PM
Jun 23Sat 8:00 PM
Jul 12Thu 7:30 PM
Jul 13Fri 9:00 PM
Jul 14Sat 9:00 PM
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