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How to Buy Cheap Broadway Show Tickets

Finding cheap or discounted Broadway show tickets isn't easy. But with TickPick, you can find a vast selection of cheap tickets to your favorite Broadway shows. TickPick is the only ticket marketplace that offers cheap Broadway tickets with NO service fees or convenience charges. If you are looking to find cheap Broadway show tickets, look no further. Because we have NO buyer fees, customers who use TickPick save an average of 5% to 15% on Broadway show tickets. Read on to find out the best time to buy Broadway tickets, how to get the cheapest Broadway show tickets, and how to score $10 off TickPick's already no fee tickets.

1) Don't Pay Fees

TickPick is the only ticket site that offers Broadway theatre tickets without any service fees or convenience charges. On average, TickPick's customers save 5% to 15% on Broadway tickets and more. When comparing TickPick's ticket prices to Telecharge and other ticket sites make sure to compare the all-in ticket cost. Most sites won't show you their fees until the checkout!

2) Get the Best Bang for your Buck

To help buyers find the best deals on Broadway show tickets, TickPick uses a trademarked algorithm to provide a Score Report for each ticket. This Score Report assigns each ticket a grade from A+ to F based on price and seat quality (determined by location, view, and proximity to the stage). The Score Report will help you look through thousands of tickets to find the best deal.

3) The Showtime and Day Matters

If you are flying in to see a Broadway show then being flexible isn't always possible, but if you can pick and choose which dates you want to see a Broadway show on, you can find cheap Broadway tickets much more easily. When shopping for Broadway tickets just know that you should check multiple dates, because you just never know if the matinee will make the difference or not of going to that expensive show. Also, looking at weekdays verse weekends can save you a considerable amount of money.

4) Last Minute Broadway Tickets

The best time to buy cheap tickets to Broadway shows is 5 to 10 days before the night of the show. This is because Broadway show tickets are almost at their lowest prices, yet there is still a large selection to choose from. In the event it's a new show like Hamilton, this may not always be true as occasionally prices will increase as the event approaches.

5) Score Discount Broadway Tickets

Depending on the event there may be huge discounts for Broadway shows. Here at TickPick, as a perk for new customers we offer $10 off any Broadway shows. You can sign up here for $10 off any broadway tickets.

6) Where Should I Sit for a Broadway Show?

Finding the right seat for a Broadway show can be tricky. Here is a quick, general guide on the different sections for Broadway tickets.
A) Orchestra Sections - The Orchestra sections are usually the most sought after seats, especially the Center Orchestra section. You do not want to sit in the first few rows in the Orchestra level because you will strain your neck looking up at the stage. If you are looking at the side Orchestra sections, the lower the seat number is, the closer you will be the Center Orchestra and thus the center of the stage (which is preferrable). Also the closer you are to the aisle, the more legroom you will have.
B) Mezzanine Sections - The Center Mezzanine section(s) are also highly sought after, especially the first few rows. In most cases, the Mezzanine level will hang over the middle of the Orchestra level, so you are still fairly close to the stage. Tickets in the Mezzanine are slightly cheaper than the Orchestra Section.
C) Balcony Sections - The Balcony sections are the cheapest Broadway seats. In most theatres the balcony seats are closer together and offer less legroom than the other levels. The Balcony is also usually has a steeper slope to the seats, so the difference between the low and high rows can be drastic.
Here at TickPick we pride ourselves on product, ticket prices and customer support. If you need help buying Broadway show tickets, please reach out to us at 845-538-4567 or submit a request here, we'd love to help.
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