With a constantly shifting schedule, Broadway shows in New York can be tricky to plan for. The best Broadway shows of 2013 include some long running favorites such as The Lion King and Chicago, and recently acclaimed show, The Book of Mormon. This past April, Broadway shows Matilda and Pippin hit theaters and captivated audiences during the summer Broadway musical season. The best Broadway shows now running have plenty to offer to a wide range of audiences. Currently, The Lion King and Matilda are the best Broadway shows for kids, while The Book of Mormon caters to a more mature audience looking for a clever, humorous show. Every night, audiences attend these Broadway shows and have memorable, unique experiences. The upcoming Broadway shows of 2013 feature incredible stories, famous actors and actresses, and some of the best production teams. This Broadway season is something you don’t want to miss out on.

The Glass Menagerie

Upcoming Broadway show "The Glass Menagerie"The Glass Menagerie, written by Tennessee Williams, will be on Broadway at the Booth Theater. This upcoming Broadway show is based around a man’s memory, the complications of family, and the American dream.  The show is set to open officially on September 26th for a 17 week run ending in January 2014. The cast of The Glass Menagerie includes Zachary Quinto (recently seen in the new Star Trek movies), Cherry Jones, Celia Keenan-Bolger, and Brian J. Smith. The Glass Menagerie, directed by Tony award winning director John Tiffany (“Once“), will certainly be one of the best Broadway shows of 2013. Check out a review by The New York Times to get a better sense of Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie, as well as what you can expect from John Tiffany’s production. Don’t forget to buy The Glass Menagerie tickets and witness one of this year’s best Broadway shows!


Upcoming Broadway show "Betrayal"Betrayal, a play written by Harold Pinter, will begin previewing on October 1st. The show officially opens on Broadway on October 27th and will run for 14 weeks at the Barrymore Theater. The cast of Betrayal includes Daniel Craig (best known for playing James Bond since 2006), Rachel Weisz, and Rafe Spall. Craig and Weisz have had their fare share of critically acclaimed performances, but never have they had a chance to bring their real-life roles to the stage—the roles of husband and wife. This show is one about the complexity of relationships, drawing on the ties of marriage, best friendship, and forbidden affection. Betrayal is directed by Tony and Oscar Award winning director Mick Nichols (most recently known for his 2012 production of Death of a Salesman). With a top billed cast and director, Betrayal is sure to be one of the best Broadway shows this year. Don’t miss out on your chance to see Betrayal on Broadway, tickets are available now.

What’s Coming to Broadway 2013-14

Two of the most highly anticipated shows making their way to Broadway are No Man’s Land/ Waiting for Godot, and Outside Mullingar.

Waiting for Godot Broadway 2013No Man’s Land and Waiting for Godot are two outstanding plays that will be performed in repertory, starring Sir Ian McKellan, Patrick Stewart, Billy Crudup, and Shuler Hensley. Not only will you have the opportunity to see two amazing plays on stage, but you will witness the transformation of these actors as they portray eight completely different roles in these back-to-back productions. Previews will begin at the Cort Theater on October 26thWatch an interview with Sir Ian McKellan for more information on No Man’s Land/Waiting for Godot.

Outside Mullingar will begin previews on January 2nd, and open officially on January 23rd, 2014. This play, brought to audiences by the same team which produced the award-winning play Doubt, is about two adults on the verge of a romantic catastrophe. This drama, written by John Patrick Shanley, will feature Emmy winning Debra Messing and Tony winning Brian O’Byrne. Visit the Manhattan Theatre Club for more information on the upcoming production of Outside Mullingar.

In addition to these productions, there are many upcoming Broadway shows being featured in the next few months. For a comprehensive schedule and list of events, Playbill is a reliable, up-to-date resource.

The Ins and Outs of Broadway Rush

Tickets to Broadway shows can be expensive, especially for college students. But if you’re a student in the city, or just someone on a budget, tons of theater companies offer Broadway rush. This allows extra tickets to be sold at a reduced price on the day of the performance. Each theater has a different broadway rush policy, having variations on how much the ticket is discounted, how many each person can buy, and how early a person should arrive in order to receive a ticket. For example, at the Eugene O’Neill Theater where The Book of Mormon is performed, the policy for rushing tickets is based on a Lottery Rush. This means, a limited number of tickets are sold through the lottery. The lottery takes place two and a half hours before the performance. Individuals write their names on a slip (maximum two per person), and the slip is put in a lottery. Two hours before the curtain, random names are drawn, and individuals must be present at the time of the drawing, with a valid form of ID, in order to purchase the discounted tickets (priced at 32$).

Broadway rush isn’t a guaranteed ticket, so it may not always be the best option, but it’s definitely a good one to have. If you’re a student, a great resource for ticket rush is StudentRush.Org, which gives complete schedule and ticket information for Broadway, Off-Broadway, Film, Dance, and other Arts events in the city. For those of you rushing this fall and winter, be sure to grab a coffee before getting to the theater, you’ll be spending plenty of time waiting out in the cold.

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